The Parker AC10 Inverter Drive Series

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IP Rating Explained

All our AC10’s come with Filters and Brake Switches fitted as standard.

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Below is a full list of part numbers for the AC10, broken down into all its various options.

Voltage Phase IP Rating kW Part Code
Single Phase 230V (Filter Fitted)
230V 1PH IP20 0.2 10G-11-0015-BF
230V 1PH IP20 0.37 10G-11-0025-BF
230V 1PH IP20 0.55 10G-11-0035-BF
230V 1PH IP20 0.75 10G-11-0045-BF
230V 1PH IP20 1.1 10G-12-0050-BF
230V 1PH IP20 1.5 10G-12-0070-BF
230V 1PH IP20 2.2 10G-12-0100-BF
Single Phase 230V (No Filter Fitted)
230V 1PH IP20 0.2 10G-11-0015-BN
230V 1PH IP20 0.37 10G-11-0025-BN
230V 1PH IP20 0.55 10G-11-0035-BN
230V 1PH IP20 0.75 10G-11-0045-BN
230V 1PH IP20 1.1 10G-12-0050-BN
230V 1PH IP20 1.5 10G-12-0070-BN
230V 1PH IP20 2.2 10G-12-0100-BN
Three Phase 230V (Filter Fitted)
230V 3PH IP20 0.2 10G-31-0015-BF
230V 3PH IP20 0.37 10G-31-0025-BF
230V 3PH IP20 0.55 10G-31-0035-BF
230V 3PH IP20 0.75 10G-31-0045-BF
230V 3PH IP20 1.1 10G-32-0050-BF
230V 3PH IP20 1.5 10G-32-0070-BF
230V 3PH IP20 2.2 10G-32-0100-BF
Three Phase 230V (No Filter Fitted)
230V 3PH IP20 0.2 10G-31-0015-BN
230V 3PH IP20 0.37 10G-31-0025-BN
230V 3PH IP20 0.55 10G-31-0035-BN
230V 3PH IP20 0.75 10G-31-0045-BN
230V 3PH IP20 1.1 10G-32-0050-BN
230V 3PH IP20 1.5 10G-32-0070-BN
230V 3PH IP20 2.2 10G-32-0100-BN
Three Phase 400V (Filter Fitted)
400V 3PH IP20 0.2 10G-41-0006-BF
400V 3PH IP20 0.37 10G-41-0010-BF
400V 3PH IP20 0.55 10G-41-0015-BF
400V 3PH IP20 0.75 10G-42-0020-BF
400V 3PH IP20 1.1 10G-42-0030-BF
400V 3PH IP20 1.5 10G-42-0040-BF
400V 3PH IP20 2.2 10G-42-0065-BF
400V 3PH IP20 3 10G-43-0080-BF
400V 3PH IP20 4 10G-43-0090-BF
400V 3PH IP20 5.5 10G-43-0120-BF
400V 3PH IP20 7.5 10G-44-0170-BF
400V 3PH IP20 11 10G-44-0230-BF
400V 3PH IP20 15 10G-45-0320-BF
400V 3PH IP20 18.5 10G-45-0380-BF
400V 3PH IP20 22 10G-45-0440-BF
400V 3PH IP20 30 10G-46-0600-BF
400V 3PH IP20 37 10G-47-0750-BF
400V 3PH IP20 45 10G-47-0900-BF
400V 3PH IP20 55 10G-48-1100-BF
400V 3PH IP20 75 10G-48-1500-BF
400V 3PH IP20 90 10G-49-1800-BF
400V 3PH IP20 110 10G-49-2200-BF
400V 3PH IP20 132 10G-410-2650-BF
400V 3PH IP20 160 10G-411-3200-BF
400V 3PH IP20 180 10G-411-3600-BF
Three Phase 400V (No Filter Fitted)
400V 3PH IP20 0.2 10G-41-0006-BN
400V 3PH IP20 0.37 10G-41-0010-BN
400V 3PH IP20 0.55 10G-41-0015-BN
400V 3PH IP20 0.75 10G-42-0020-BN
400V 3PH IP20 1.1 10G-42-0030-BN
400V 3PH IP20 1.5 10G-42-0040-BN
400V 3PH IP20 2.2 10G-42-0065-BN
400V 3PH IP20 3 10G-43-0080-BN
400V 3PH IP20 4 10G-43-0090-BN
400V 3PH IP20 5.5 10G-43-0120-BN
400V 3PH IP20 7.5 10G-44-0170-BN
400V 3PH IP20 11 10G-44-0230-BN
400V 3PH IP20 15 10G-45-0320-BN
400V 3PH IP20 18.5 10G-45-0380-BN
400V 3PH IP20 22 10G-45-0440-BN
400V 3PH IP20 30 10G-46-0600-BN
400V 3PH IP20 37 10G-47-0750-BN
400V 3PH IP20 45 10G-47-0900-BN
400V 3PH IP20 55 10G-48-1100-BN
400V 3PH IP20 75 10G-48-1500-BN
400V 3PH IP20 90 10G-49-1800-BN
400V 3PH IP20 110 10G-49-2200-BN
400V 3PH IP20 132 10G-410-2650-BN
400V 3PH IP20 160 10G-411-3200-BN
400V 3PH IP20 180 10G-411-3600-BN
Single Phase 230V (Filter Fitted)
230V 1PH IP66 0.4 16G-11-0025-BF
230V 1PH IP66 0.75 16G-11-0045-BF
230V 1PH IP66 1.5 16G-11-0070-BF
230V 1PH IP66 2.2 16G-11-0100-BF
Single Phase 230V (No Filter Fitted)
230V 1PH IP66 0.4 16G-11-0025-BN
230V 1PH IP66 0.75 16G-11-0045-BN
230V 1PH IP66 1.5 16G-11-0070-BN
230V 1PH IP66 2.2 16G-11-0100-BN
Three Phase 230V (Filter Fitted)
230V 3PH IP66 0.4 16G-31-0025-BF
230V 3PH IP66 0.75 16G-31-0045-BF
230V 3PH IP66 1.5 16G-31-0070-BF
230V 3PH IP66 2.2 16G-31-0100-BF
Three Phase 230V (No Filter Fitted)
230V 3PH IP66 0.4 16G-31-0025-BN
230V 3PH IP66 0.75 16G-31-0045-BN
230V 3PH IP66 1.5 16G-31-0070-BN
230V 3PH IP66 2.2 16G-31-0100-BN
Three Phase 400V (Filter Fitted)
400V 3PH IP66 0.75 16G-41-0020-BF
400V 3PH IP66 1.5 16G-41-0040-BF
400V 3PH IP66 2.2 16G-41-0065-BF
400V 3PH IP66 3.7 16G-41-0080-BF
400V 3PH IP66 4 16G-41-0090-BF
400V 3PH IP66 5.5 16G-42-0120-BF
400V 3PH IP66 7.5 16G-42-0170-BF
400V 3PH IP66 2.2 16G-41-0065-BF
400V 3PH IP66 11 16G-43-0230-BF
400V 3PH IP66 15 16G-43-0320-BF
400V 3PH IP66 18.5 16G-44-0380-BF
400V 3PH IP66 22 16G-44-0440-BF
400V 3PH IP66 37 16G-45-0750-BF
400V 3PH IP66 45 16G-45-0900-BF
400V 3PH IP66 55 16G-45-1100-BF
400V 3PH IP66 75 16G-46-1500-BF
400V 3PH IP66 90 16G-46-1800-BF
Three Phase 400V (No Filter Fitted)
400V 3PH IP66 0.75 16G-41-0020-BN
400V 3PH IP66 1.5 16G-41-0040-BN
400V 3PH IP66 2.2 16G-41-0065-BN
400V 3PH IP66 3.7 16G-41-0080-BN
400V 3PH IP66 4 16G-41-0090-BN
400V 3PH IP66 5.5 16G-42-0120-BN
400V 3PH IP66 7.5 16G-42-0170-BN
400V 3PH IP66 2.2 16G-41-0065-BN
400V 3PH IP66 11 16G-43-0230-BN
400V 3PH IP66 15 16G-43-0320-BN
400V 3PH IP66 18.5 16G-44-0380-BN
400V 3PH IP66 22 16G-44-0440-BN
400V 3PH IP66 37 16G-45-0750-BN
400V 3PH IP66 45 16G-45-0900-BN
400V 3PH IP66 55 16G-45-1100-BN
400V 3PH IP66 75 16G-46-1500-BN
400V 3PH IP66 90 16G-46-1800-BN


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Frame Part Number External Dimenison Max Weight Mounting Size Mounting Bolt
A x B x H (H1) mm Kg (W x L)
1 10G-X1-XXXX-XX 80 x 135 x 138 (153) 1.25 70 x 128 M4
2 10G-X2-XXXX-XX 106 x 150 x 180 (195) 1.76 94 x 170 M4
3 10G-43-XXXX-XX 138 x 152 x 235 (250) 2.96 126 x 225 M4
4 10G-44-XXXX-XX 156 x 170 x 265 (280) 4.9 146 x 255 M4
5 10G-45-XXXX-XX 205 x 196 x 340 (355) 7.5 194 x 330 M4
Frame Part Number External Dimenison Max Weight Mounting Size Mounting Bolt
A x B x H (H1) mm Kg (W x L)
6 10G-46-XXXX-XX 265 x 235 x 435 17 235 x 412 M6
7 10G-47-XXXX-XX 315 x 234 x 480 25 274 x 465 M8
8 10G-48-XXXX-XX 360 x 265 x 555 40 320 x 530 M8
9 10G-49-XXXX-XX 410 x 300 x 630 55 370 x 600 M10
10 10G-410-XXXX-XX 516 x 326 x 765 94 360 x 740 M10
11 10G-411-XXXX-XX 560 x 342 x 910 120 390 x 882 M10
Frame Part Number External Dimenison Max Weight Mounting Size Mounting Bolt
A x B x H (H1) mm Kg (W x L)
1 16G-X1-XXXX-XX 200 x 198 x 412 17 171 x 398 M5
2 16G-42-XXXX-XX 242 x 198 x 418 25 215 x 402 M6
3 16G-43-XXXX-XX 242 x 228 x 471 40 210 x 454 M8
4 16G-44-XXXX-XX 242 x 324 x 650 55 210 x 64 M8
5 16G-45-XXXX-XX 308 x 379 x 680 94 272 x 648 M8
6 16G-46-XXXX-XX 370 x 404 x 770 120 334 x 739 M8
Model Clearance Dimensions Plastic Cover Layout Metal Cover Layout
Plastic Housing A≥150mm B≥50mm Frames 1 – 5 (IP20) Frames 6 - 11 (IP20)
Metal Housing A≥200mm B≥100mm Frames 1 – 3 (IP66) Frames 4 - 6 (IP66)

Note: H is the size of inverter without grounding plate.

H1 is the size of inverter with grounding plate.


The AC10 variable speed compact drive is a simple, reliable and economical solution to every-day motor control applications requiring speed or torque control within the power range of 0.2kW to 180kW. Having compact dimensions and features normally only associated with higher specification AC drives, including, sensorless vector mode, output frequency up to 590 Hz, 3 phase 400VAC supplies in all 5 frame sizes and a full 150 % overload at 0.5 Hz for 1 minute, the AC10 provides an optimised solution for OEM machine builders who are looking for a compact, cost-effective, energy saving variable speed ac drive without compromising on performance.


Simplicity: AC10 drives are designed to reduce the time and effort required to install, setup and commission through its easy to use integrated keypad. Minimal wiring requirements and two easily accessed terminal rails make AC10 fast and simple to install, having you up and running in no time at all. Auto-tuning sensorless vector mode takes AC10 beyond simple V/Hz control, allowing users requiring greater dynamic speed or torque control for their application to benefit from the drives enhanced 0.5% speed and 5% torque accuracy.

Reliability: Proven technology and manufacturing techniques ensure AC10 drives have been engineered and built to deliver consistently outstanding levels of performance day in, day out, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity. Thanks to its conformally coated PCBs, AC10 drives are able to withstand even the most arduous class 3C3 environment which many other AC drives in this class would struggle with, allowing you to operate the AC10 with the utmost confidence in more applications.

Control At Your Fingertips: AC10 drives come complete with an ergonomic operator keypad as standard, featuring 4 LED drive status indicators, a 4 digit 7 segment LED display and a tactile membrane style keypad. In addition to displaying status and running information, the LED display is also used to access drive configuration parameters which can be quickly and easily changed via the keypad. The keypad can also be used to take local control of the motor to start, stop, increase or decrease motor speed. An optional keypad is also available and can be mounted remotely from the drive.

IP20 (0.2 - 180kW) or IP66 (0.4 - 90kW): The IP66 enclosure enables use in both indoor and outdoor applications where environmental conditions may be a concern, such as wash-down areas in food and beverage facilities and use in waste plants or rooftop units.


AC10 variable speed drives provide a no-fuss approach to general purpose industrial motor control applications across a wide range of industries, giving users the benefits of the inherent energy-saving properties of using a variable speed drive, as well as the improved reliability and extended service life benefits associated with smoother starting and stopping of regularly cycling loads. Typical applications for AC10 drives would include :

  • Conveyor
  • Centrifuge
  • Fans
  • Mixers
  • Packaging Machines
  • Textile Machines
  • Strapping Machines
  • Labelling Machines
  • Industrial Washing Machines
  • Machine Tool Spindles
  • Roller Doors


OUTPUT RATING (KW) 0.2 - 180kW (IP20) / 0.4 - 90kW (IP66)
INPUT VOLTAGE 1*230VAC | 3*230VAC | 3*400/480VAC
CERTIFICATIONS CE (EMC & LVD) | Overvoltage Category III
OPERATING TEMPERATURE (C) 0-40C (derate up to 50C max)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE (F) 32-104F (derate up to 122F max)
OPERATING ALTITUDE Up to 1000m ASL (derate > 1000m)


IP20 Remote Mounting Keypad

This is an external operator station used in conjunction with the AC10 120, allowing you to mount a keypad on the outside of a panel. It includes the necessary accessories to remote mount it.

  • Part Code:
  • 1001-00-00
  • List Price:
  • £57.00
  • Our Price:
  • £34.20

IP66 Remote Mounting Keypad

This is an external operator station used in conjunction with the AC10 166, allowing you to mount a keypad on the outside of a panel. It includes the necessary accessories to remote mount it.

  • Part Code:
  • 1601-00-00
  • List Price:
  • £66.00
  • Our Price:
  • £39.60


If you need to extract the programme from one AC10 to another, or if you need to download it to a computer, then this adapter is the easiest way to do that.

  • Part Code:
  • 1002-00-00
  • List Price:
  • £59.00
  • Our Price:
  • £35.40


The IP Code (or International Protection Rating, sometimes also interpreted as Ingress Protection Rating*) consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. As defined in international standard IEC 60529, it classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in electrical enclosures. The standard aims to provide users more detailed information than vague marketing terms such as waterproof.

The digits (characteristic numerals) indicate conformity with the conditions summarized in the tables below. For example, an electrical socket rated IP22 is protected against insertion of fingers and will not be damaged or become unsafe during a specified test in which it is exposed to vertically or nearly vertically dripping water. IP22 or 2X are typical minimum requirements for the design of electrical accessories for indoor use.
*Explanation of the letters IP is given in IEC 60529 (Ed. 2.1), clause 4.1

First Digit: Solids
The first digit indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against access to hazardous parts (e.g., electrical conductors, moving parts) and the ingress of solid foreign objects.

Second Digit: Liquids
Protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against harmful ingress of water.



Explanation of IP20 & IP66
IP20 Protected from touch by fingers and objects greater than 12 millimeters. Not protected from liquids.
IP66 Protected from total dust ingress. Protected from high pressure water jets from any direction.
First Digit
Level Object size protected against Effective against
0 Not protected No protection against contact and ingress of objects
1 >50mm Any large surface of the body, such as the back of the hand, but no protection against deliberate contact with a body part.
2 >12.5mm Fingers or similar objects.
3 >2.5mm Tools, thick wires, etc.
4 >1mm Most wires, screws, etc.
5 Dust Protected Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment; complete protection against contact.
6 Dust Tight No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact.
Second Digit
Level Object size protected against Effective against
0 Not protected -
1 Dripping water Dripping water (vertically falling drops) shall have no harmfull effect.
2 Dripping water when tilted up to 15° ertically dripping water shall have no harmful effect when the enclosure is tilted at an angle up to 15° from its normal position.
3 Spraying water Water falling as a spray at any angle up to 60° from the vertical shall have no harmful effect.
4 Splashing water Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.
5 Water jets Water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.
6 Powerful water jets Water projected in powerful jets (12.5mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.
7 Immersion up to 1m Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion).
8 Immersion beyond 1m The equipment is suitable for continuous immersion in water under conditions which shall be specified by the manufacturer. Normally, this will mean that the equipment is hermetically sealed. However, with certain types of equipment, it can mean that water can enter but only in such a manner that it produces no harmful effects.


Below is an illustration of the different keypads found on the AC10 Range.

IP20 Local Keypad

IP20 Remote Mounting Keypad

IP66 Remote Mounting Keypad


Below is an example of how to set basic parameters as well as setting code groups on the AC10 keypad. This document can also be downloaded as a PDF.

Example for Basic Parameters (F100-F160)

Step 1
Power Up the Keypad. You’ll see one of 4 things on the screen, depending on what mode the machine was in when you last turned it off:

- Code Groups (always defaults to F100)
- Rotary Speed Output (defaults to 1500RPM)
- Current PN/DC Voltage (defaults to 325V)
- Setup Frequency Output (defaults to 50Hz)

Press the ‘M’ key until you reach F100.

Step 2
The below example shows you how to set F114 - ‘1st Acceleration Time’:

- Once you’re on F100, press up until you reach F114
- Press the ‘E’ Key to enter settings
- You’ll see the Default Setting appear
- Press the Up or Down Key to set your new Value
- Press the ‘E’ Key to Save and Exit this setting

Setting Code Groups other than F100

Step 2
The below example shows you how to set the Code Group F803:

- Press the Red/Stop Key once. The following combination of lights is shown:

- Press the Up Key to select Code Group F800 – ‘Motor Details’
- Press the Red/Stop Key again, and then the Up Arrow to select F803
- Press the ‘E’ Key to enter settings
- Press the Up Key to set your new Value
- Press the ‘E’ Key to Save and Exit this setting



More Power, more control for all your AC Motor Control needs.

590 DC Drive Range

Controlling your DC Motors has never been so easy.

Compax3 Servo Drive Range

If you need a Servo Drive then look no further than the Compax3 Range.


A diagram showing basic wiring control in the AC10 (fram 1-5 and frame 6-11).


If you are switching from a different Eurotherm or Parker Drive to an AC10, the below diagrams show the necessary wiring changes.

Switching from the Eurotherm 580 to the Parker AC10


Below is a list of the key parameters available in the AC10. This list is also available as a PDF download.

Function Parameter Factory Settings Setting Range
F106 - Control Mode 2 = VVVF 0: Sensorless vector control (SVC)
/ 1: Reserved / 2: VVVF / 3: Vector Control 1
/ 6: PMSM sensorless vector control
F111 - Max Frequency (Hz) Default 50Hz (F113~590.0Hz)
F112 - Min Speed Default 0.50Hz (0.00Hz~F113)
F114 - Acc Time 5.0 Seconds (0.1~3000)
F115 - Dec Time 5.0 Seconds (0.1~3000)
F118 - Base Frequency 50Hz (15.00~590.0)
F124 - Jog 5.00Hz (F112~F111)
F125 - Jog Acceleration Subject to Inverter Model (0.1~3000S)
F126 - Jog Deceleration Subject to Inverter Model (0.1~3000S)
F133 - Drive Ratio 1 (0.10~200.0)
F136 - Slip Compensation 0 (0~10)
F137 - Torque 3 0: Linear compensation; / 1: Square
compensation; / 2: User-defined multipoint
compensation; / 3: Auto torque compensation
F159 - Switch Frequency 1 0: Control speed normally; / 1: Random
carrier wave frequency
F160 - Factory Reset 0 0: Not reverting to manufacturer values; /
1: Reverting to manufacturer
F202 - Mode of Direction Setting 0 0: Forward running locking; / 1: Reverse
running locking; / 2: Terminal setting; /
3: Keypad (Works with the FWD/RVW IP66)
F208 - Terminal two-line/ three-line operation control 0 0: No function / 1: Two-line operation mode 1;
/ 2: Two-line operation mode 2; / 3: Three-line operation mode 1; / 4: Three-line
operation mode 2; / 5: Start/stop controlled
by direction pulse
F209 - Selecting the mode of stopping the motor 0 0: Stop by deceleration time; /
1: Free stop (coast stop)
F219 - Write EEPROM by Modbus 1 0: Invalid; / 1: Valid
F220 - Frequency memory after power-down 0 0: Invalid / 1: Valid
F228 - Application Selection 0 0: Invalid / 1: Basic Speed Control 2: Auto /
Manual Control / 3: Stage speed control /
4: Terminal Control / 5: PID control
F340 - Selection of Terminal negative logic 0 0: Inavalid / 1: DI1 negative logic / 2: DI2
negative logic / 4: DI3 negative logic / 8: DI4
negative logic / 16: DI5 negative logic / 32:
DI6 negative logic / 64: DI6 negative logic /
128: DI8 negative logic
F732 - Voltage threshold of under-voltage protection (V) Subject to Inverter Model 0~450
F800 - Motor’s paramters tuning 0 0: Invalid; / 1: Rotatiing tuning; / 2: Stationary tunning
F801 - Rater power (kW)
F802 - Rated voltage (V) 1~440
F803 - Rated current (A) 0.1~6500
F804 - Number of motor poles 4 2~100 (Read Only)
F805 - Rated rotary
speed (rmp/min)
F810 Motor rated frequency (Hz) 50 1.0~590.0
F900 Communication Address 1 1~255: Single inverter address; / 0:
broadcast address
F901 Communication Mode 1 1: ASCII; / 2: RTU
F903 Parity Check 0 0: Invalid; / 1: Odd; / 2: Even
F904 Baud Rate (bps) 3 0: 1200; / 1: 2400; / 2: 4800; / 3: 9600; /
4: 19200; / 5: 38400; / 6: 57600


Brake Resistor Types & Sizes
A resistor that is connected to a DC intermediate circuit of an Inverter to consume the electric energy that is returned from a motor to the Inverter for dynamic braking. Braking is to convert the rotating energy of a motor into a heat instantly to control the rotating speed.

Types of Brake Resistor Standard – The standard type of brake resistor which absorbs excess energy. Thermal Switch Brake Resistor – functions the same as a standard brake resistor, with the addition of a thermostat inside, which enables the power to be cut when the Drive is getting too hot.

Brake Resistor size (Minimum Resistance, 1 Phase, 220V)
kW Ω
0.2 60
0.37 60
0.55 60
0.75 60
1.1 60
1.5 60
2.2 60
Brake Resistor size (Minimum Resistance, 3 Phase, 220V)
kW Ω
0.2 60
0.37 60
0.55 50
0.75 50
1.1 50
1.5 50
2.2 50
Brake Resistor size (Minimum Resistance, 3 Phase, 400V)
kW Ω kW Ω
0.2 120 15 35
0.37 120 18.5 35
0.55 120 22 35
0.75 120 30 25
1.1 120 37 25
1.5 120 45 18
2.2 120 55 18
3 100 75 16
3.7 100 90 9
4 100 110 9
5.5 100 132 5.5
6 100 160 4
7.5 100 180 4
11 50
Brake Resistors
Parker CPA
Power / Ω Part Number Power / Ω Part Number
500W / 36ohm CZ388396 500W / 36ohm - (Equivilent to Parker CZ388396)
200W / 56ohm CZ388397
100W / 100ohm CZ389853 100W / 100ohm - (Equivilent to Parker CZ389853) EMCV100-100R
200W / 56ohm CZ463068 200W / 56ohm - (Equivilent to Parker CZ463068) EMCV200-56R
100W / 200ohm CZ467714 100W / 200ohm - (Equivilent to Parker CZ467714) EMCV100-200R
60W / 500ohm CZ467715
500W / 56ohm CZ467716 500W / 56ohm - (Equivilent to Parker CZ467716) EMCV500-56R
200W / 100ohm CZ467717 200W / 100ohm - (Equivilent to Parker CZ467717) E MCV200-100R
Power / Ω Part Number
600W / 100Ohm + Thermal Switch ESH-100R-S-B


AC10, 0.75kW AC10, 1.1kW AC10, 1.5kW AC10, 2.2kW
Frame Size T2A 802-4 T2A 90S-4 T2A 90L-4 T2A 100L1-4
No. of Poles 4 4 4 4
Foot Mount Motor 0.7543TECAB14-IE2 1.143TECAB14-IE2 1.543TECAB14-IE2 2.243TECAB14-IE2
Flange Mount Motor 0.7543TECAB5-IE2 1.143TECAB5-IE2 1.543TECAB5-IE2 2.243TECAB5-IE2
Face Mount Motor 0.7543TECAB3-IE2 1.143TECAB3-IE2 1.543TECAB3-IE2 2.243TECAB3-IE2
Foot + Flange Mount Motor 0.7543TECAB35-IE2 1.143TECAB35-IE2 1.543TECAB35-IE2 2.243TECAB35-IE2
AC10, 3kW AC10, 4kW AC10, 5.5kW AC10, 7.5kW
Frame Size T2A 100L2-4 T2A 112M-4 T2A 132S-4 T2A 132M-4
No. of Poles 4 4 4 4
Foot Mount Motor 3.043TECAB14-IE2 4.043TECAB14-IE2 5.543TECAB14-IE2 7.543TECAB14-IE2
Flange Mount Motor 30.043TECAB5-IE2 4.043TECAB5-IE2 5.543TECAB5-IE2 7.543TECAB5-IE2
Face Mount Motor 3.043TECAB3-IE2 4.043TECAB3-IE2 5.543TECAB3-IE2 7.543TECAB3-IE2
Foot + Flange Mount Motor 3.043TECAB35-IE2 4.043TECAB35-IE2 5.543TECAB35-IE2 7.543TECAB35-IE2
AC10, 11kW AC10, 15kW AC10, 18.5kW AC10, 22kW
Frame Size T2A 160M-4 T2A 160L-4 T2A 180M-4 TA2 180L-4
No. of Poles 4 4 4 4
Foot Mount Motor 11.043TECAB14-IE2 15.043TECAB14-IE2 18.543TECAB14-IE2 22.043TECAB14-IE2
Flange Mount Motor 11.043TECAB5-IE2 15.043TECAB5-IE2 18.543TECAB5-IE2 22.043TECAB5-IE2
Face Mount Motor 11.043TECAB3-IE2 15.043TECAB3-IE2 18.543TECAB3-IE2 22.043TECAB3-IE2
Foot + Flange Mount Motor 11.043TECAB35-IE2 15.043TECAB35-IE2 18.543TECAB35-IE2 22.043TECAB35-IE2


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